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Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

Hi ProAgers!

I love this motivating mantra. Its enduring appeal lies in its simplicity and power to inspire action, regardless of circumstances. The start of a new year seems like a great time for this call to action.

Do you feel unprepared or limited on your health journey? No matter where you are, there’s always room for variety and fun…  or improvement.

Here are a few simple ways to apply this concept to your daily routine.

  1. "Start where you are" Begin by assessing your current situation and capabilities without judgment. No matter how far away you feel from your health goals, don't get paralyzed by trying to be perfect. Instead, celebrate small steps – taking the stairs instead of the elevator, swapping one soda for water, or doing a ten minute walk.

  2. "Use what you have" You don't need fancy equipment or a gym membership to get healthy. Look around – a park becomes your gym and your kitchen a cooking studio. Get creative with every day resources to fuel your workouts and healthy meals. Recycle used food containers for meal prep, experiment with simple healthy recipes using spices and pantry staples. Turn bodyweight exercises into a home workout routine. Find a quiet corner in your home for a mindfulness practice.

  3. "Do what you can" Emphasize consistency over intensity. Show up for yourself every day. Listen to your body. Small, consistent efforts will lead to lasting change, while pushing yourself too hard can lead to injuries and burnout. Set achievable goals.

Repeat this positive and empowering message often as a reminder to avoid procrastination and focus on what you can control.

There is so much I could say to elaborate on this subject because how we progress will be unique to each of us. If you have weights, bands, a stability ball or just body weight and want to build an exercise routine, I can help you with that. Maybe you feel like your pantry and fridge could do with a makeover, now is a perfect time to make that happen. Check out my BUILDING BLOCKS for ideas. If you would like help planning a start that is personalized for you,  LET’S TALK.

Happy (and healthy) New Year!

Proud to be a ProAger!


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