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Hey There!
(A little bit more of my story)


Hi, I’m Cindy, wife to my amazing husband of 39 years and still going strong, mom to 2 amazing adults, grandmother to 1 amazing, energetic boy and dog mom to my amazing, dedicated trail companion. Can

you tell that I think my life is amazing? Has it always been – not always. I, like many of you have experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows. Life is amazing but can come with many challenges, good and bad.

If experience has taught me anything, it was to arm myself with strong, healthy practices to make the good times even more enjoyable and move through the bad times as quick and easy as possible.

Those practices became a foundation I use every day. It is based on a mindfulness practice, a healthy

diet and physical activity which comes in many forms. I have always been active but it wasn’t until around

age 40 that I started realizing the importance of building a healthy foundation if I was to live the life

I envisioned for myself. My chronological age is 66 but I’m sure my biological age is much younger.

My entire career life, of over 40 years, has been a very active one in the fashion, photography, video

and advertising field. Being healthy has always been a major contributor for me to be able to thrive in

that work. I now focus my attention on my passion of living a full, long, happy, healthy life and sharing 

my healthy principles. Will there be more life challenges ahead – probably, but I am grateful to feel

well equipped.


Proud to be a Pro Ager!


Founder, Health and Wellness Guide.

"The people you work with will be in the best hands ever!"


"You have always been my north star and the person

I think of as setting an incredible high standard for living a healthy lifestyle."


"You have helped and inspired me so much.You are one of my role models."


"Your health knowledge and work ethic are stellar!"


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