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Chop wood, carry water.

Hi ProAgers!

Do you get it?

I didn’t. I heard this saying a few years ago and found it intriguing. I had to think

about it for a while before it made sense to me. I actually found it a little annoying.

Why? Probably because of the truth in it. In essence, this saying emphasizes that true enlightenment doesn't remove one from the commitments of daily living but changes our relationship with them. It's not about abandoning responsibilities or work, in any aspect, but transforming how we engage, finding peace and purpose even in the most mundane actions.

So, how does “chop wood, carry water” relate to healthy living and how can you apply

it to achieving your goals?

Here’s one scenario as it relates to a healthy lifestyle. You clear your fridge and cupboard of unhealthy food, shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, purchase a gym membership, maybe buy a new pair of gym shoes and workout clothes, you read healthy articles, etc. Seems like you should just wake up one morning and be healthier and more fit, easy enough - right? Not so, now the work begins.

For me personally, as a health coach and fitness enthusiast, this proverb translates

as, no matter how much research I have done for my own wellness path and that of my clients, there is still daily work to be done. True fitness doesn’t just happen. It takes

time, energy, and dedication.

In wholistic wellness, enlightenment refers to a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It's about recognizing how thoughts, feelings, and lifestyle choices directly affect your physical health and fitness. Reaching enlightenment in this context could involve cultivating mindfulness, integrating spiritual practices, and adopting a holistic approach to healthcare. This might involve optimizing nutrition, training, and recovery practices to reach your full potential in whatever fitness realm you pursue.

Remember, "chop wood, carry water" doesn't promise immediate results. Be patient, trust the process, and understand that building a healthy lifestyle requires ongoing effort and commitment.

Simple? Complicated? I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. If you

would like to find new ways to make your version of “chop wood, carry water”

a little easier and more enjoyable, then please check out my BUILDING BLOCKS.

I just may have what you need to make your days flow with a little more energy

and ease.

BTW. I no longer get annoyed by these wise words. They have taught me understanding, acceptance, endurance and perseverance. Carry on!

Proud to be a ProAger!


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