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Food For Thought.

Hi ProAgers!

It’s kind of funny but I get a little emotional thinking about my theme for August because, to me, it is such a powerful subject. It directly relates to one of my foundations for good health – MIND.

The mind is often associated with the brain, but it is essential to understand that

the two are not the same. This can be a controversial subject but I feel it’s worth mentioning. The process of decision-making is a complex interplay between the mind and the brain. A duo superpower.

I’m guessing you’ve had this question asked to you somewhere along the way. If you could possess any superpower, what would it be? Well, for me, I already do possess what I consider one of the greatest and most complex superpowers, it’s the ability to think,

to reason, and to dream. It’s a gift that can carry us through a long and fantastic life

of accomplishing anything we can imagine. This superpower is one most of us possess but may take for granted. It’s the gift of a healthy mind.

Our minds encompass our cognitive abilities, consciousness, perception, intuition, memory, creativity and emotions.

Through our minds, we can process information, learn, solve problems and make decisions. It’s the source of our intelligence and the driving force behind our actions

and achievements.

Worth protecting and nurturing this dynamic duo, don’t you think?

I am going to outline a few ways (there are many ways) we may be able to insure a strong and healthy mind by focusing on another principle I use to form a foundation for myself and my clients – FUEL. Fueling our bodies with intention.

1. Balanced Diet: The brain requires a wide range of nutrients to function optimally.

It relies heavily on a constant supply of glucose, derived from carbohydrates in the diet to fuel its activities. Glucose is a type of sugar that comes from carbohydrates we eat.

It plays a crucial role in providing the necessary fuel for the brain to function properly. Include a variety of nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

2. Healthy Fats: Good sources include olive oil, nuts, seeds, and fish such as salmon, mackerel, and sardines. These are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are crucial for

brain health and may help reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

3. Antioxidant-Rich Foods: Antioxidants protect the brain from oxidative stress and inflammation. Eat plenty of colorful vegetables and fruits like blueberries, strawberries, spinach, and broccoli.

4. Whole Grains: Include complex carbohydrates that release energy slowly, providing

a steady supply of glucose to the brain. Foods like quinoa, brown rice, and oats are good staples.

5. Limit Added Sugars and Processed Foods: Minimize or eliminate your intake of sugary snacks, sodas, and processed foods as they can negatively impact brain health and contribute to inflammation.

6. Stay Hydrated: Drink enough water through the day to maintain proper brain function. Dehydration can impair cognitive abilities and lead to fatigue. Herbal teas and infused water are great additions.

7. Mindful Indulgences: Dark chocolate, with a high cocoa content (70% or more) contains flavonoids and antioxidants that may improve blood flow to the brain and enhance cognitive function. Moderation is key here.

There are many studies that reveal how the foods you eat directly affect your ability

to focus, learn, remember, create, analyze new ideas and maintain a balanced mood.

The right nutrients can boost your memory and improve metal clarity.

So, if you haven’t already started these healthy practices then now is the time. We all want great clarity and the ability to attain and retain information and memories for years to come.

The third pillar of my foundation is MOVE. Movement of all types is also crucial

to maintain a healthy mindset. If you would like a deeper dive into any of my foundation pillars, MIND / FUEL / MOVE, to see how they can be applied to help you not just create a healthy mind but also a healthy body, then please sign up for

a free call with me and LET’S TALK. I would love to help guide you on your path to better health.

"The voice in your mind that says give up is the same voice that can also say you’ve got this! It’s up to you." - Lonnie Poupard Jr. Lululemon Studio trainer.

Proud to be a ProAger!


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