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How bad do you want IT?

Hi ProAgers!

"How bad do I want it" - has become my north star lately. I probably ask myself this question every day as a reminder to make sure I don’t stray too far away from my goals and what it takes to make them happen.

So, what is it I want? I’ll tell you. I love life so much that I want to experience all of it for

as long as possible but I also want to experience it as healthy as possible in all ways, mentally, physically and spiritually. Usually, this progress doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes effort.

Have you ever wanted to transform something about yourself or your day-to-day routine so much that you could see it and feel it but you just didn’t know how to get started? What is your…IT?

IT can mean something different for each of us. Here’s a short list.

- Loose weight, gain weight?

- Feel fit, toned, be stronger or have better mobility?

- Eat healthier, know how to grocery shop and meal prep?

- Be happier, be less anxious, less stressed, sleep better?

- Have better clarity, more confidence, more patience?

- Be more organized with your thoughts, your time, your work and your home?

Any and all of these ITS are achievable if you want them bad enough. So, what does this mean for you and what will it take to make IT happen? You set boundaries. You visualize transformation. You put in the effort.

- If you want something, but aren’t prepared to put in the effort to get it, then you

don’t want it bad enough.

- If you’re prepared to do what it takes to achieve the outcome, then you do want it

bad enough.

In time, with consistent effort you will start to see your desire manifest. The effort

you put forth to reach this place will soon become a habit, a non-negotiable for you.

For examples of my personal non-negotiables, read some of my recent blog posts.

Those topics are all non-negotiables for me now but it didn’t happen overnight.

Progress for personal goals takes time. It requires effort, patience, discipline and consistency but time will pass either way so you might as well make the most of it.

We are all different. We all have our own unique visions of what we would like our health, relationships, creativity, home environment, etc. to look like.

What do you want and how bad do you want IT? I would love to help you find your path to that vision or maybe you need encouragement and accountability for your existing goals. If so, just go to THE PATH on my website and find a plan that works best for you. LET'S TALK.

Proud to be a ProAger!


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